Mammal Identification Apps

Both of our mammals identification apps, eMammalsA, Mammals of Africa and eMammalsNA, Mammals of North America present large, mid size and small mammals of their respective continents.

Mammals of Africa, eMammalsA, African Mammal Identification Apps

Mammals of Africa, eMammalsA, An African Mammals App

Buy eMammalsA, Mammals of Africa, on iTunes for $2.99

Mammals of Africa, eMammalsA & Mammals of North America, eMammalsNA

A Pair of Next Generation  Mammal Identification Apps

A Universal App compatible on iPhone, iPad & iTouch
A Valuable Reference, A Reliable Resource, Proven & Practical
A Signature Member of the World Life Forms Product Line
eMammalsNA, Mammals of North America, A North American Mammal Identification App

eMammalsNA, Mammals of North America, A Mammals App

Buy eMammalsNA, Mammals of North America, on iTunes for $2.99

eMammalsA, Mammals of Africa Class Counts

  • Artiodactyla (Pigs Camels Sheep) 53
  • Carnivora (Carnivore – Meat Eating) 28
  • Chiroptera (Bat) 1
  • Hyracoidea (Hyraxes) 1
  • Insectivora (Mole And Shrew) 1
  • Lagomorpha (Rabbit) 1
  • Perissodactyla (Rhino And Horse) 7
  • Pinnipedia (Seal And Walrus) 1
  • Primates (Primates Monkey Apes Man) 30
  • Proboscidea (Elephant And Mastodon) 1
  • Rodentia (Rodent) 4
  • Tubulidentata (Aardvark) 1

Practical Features include:

  • Summary view highlights important points, habitation maps, taxonomy and image view
  • Image view allows viewing alternate images and full screen layout (image may not fill entire screen)
  • Text view provides text only summary of species and genera with additional text for root taxons
  • Taxonomy view provides quick links to profile taxonomy
  • Sort entries by common name or scientific (latin) name
  • Filter entries by geographical region
  • Sort entries at taxonomy level kingdom, phylum, classes, order, family or sub-family

eMammalsNA, Mammals of North America Class Counts

  • Artiodactyla (Pigs Camels Sheep) 21
  • Carnivora (Carnivore – Meat Eating) 43
  • Cetacea (Whale And Dolphin) 1
  • Chiroptera (Bats) 14
  • Edentata (Ant Eater Sloth And Armadillo) 7
  • Insectivora (Mole And Shrew) 4
  • Lagomorpha (Rabbits) 7
  • Marsupiala (Marsupial) 1
  • Perissodactyla (Rhino And Horse) 2
  • Pinnipedia (Seal And Walrus) 4
  • Primates (Primates Monkey Apes Man) 3
  • Proboscidea (Elephant And Mastodon) 1
  • Rodentia (Rodents) 42
  • Sirenia (Sea Cow) 1

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